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10 things everyone should consider before buying earrings

by Emanuel Baumann 01 Jan 2023


Magical silver earrings and gold earrings are indispensable in the world of jewelery and accessories. Whether ear studs or ear hooks, they have been worn around the world in a wide variety of cultures by women and men for thousands of years and are ideal for the perfect appearance. Regardless of which material you like to wear, whether silver earrings in sterling silver, gold or gold plated, jewelery such as earrings is worn by men and women and has always been popular, trendy and hip. At your online jeweler Avalon Deluxe you will find a large selection of a wide variety of stylish earrings and many other pieces of jewelery with which you can set accents.


Large, eye-catching pieces of jewelery are very trendy. Opulence is in demand for women and men! With a lot of metal, large and/or many gemstones and extra long. Large, stylish earrings are not a new invention, they were already popular in the 70s and 80s. There was also a revival in the 2000s. Today, however, the style has evolved, tassels, feathers, large (precious) stones and pearls of all kinds are particularly popular. DIY! You can also easily make your own individually designed statement. Make a statement with jewelry like gold or silver jewelry at an unbeatable price from Avalon Deluxe


Earrings of different sizes (e.g. B in silver) in everyday life or to do without one completely is very trendy and hip. Suitable for asymmetrical tops, which are also very fashionable, e.g. B Shirts with a wide neckline and one free shoulder, as well as blouses and dresses with only one sleeve, with which you will certainly set accents.


The look with warm earth tones, gold and silver elements (in sterling silver) and diverse patterns can also be found in many of the summer collections. Influences from a wide variety of countries and cultures combine to form the popular ethnic style, which has had many fans since the 1970s.


Hoop earrings have never been out of fashion, but at the moment they are a real trend, especially in everyday life, but also on special occasions. Creoles are "earrings" in the true sense of the word because they are hung in the ear hole like a ring. You can also thread small beads, charms or other pendants onto the round earrings - a real eye-catcher trend! Hoop earrings come in small diameters, which stay close to the ear, to very large diameters, so that the hoop earrings can even touch the shoulder. There are narrow hoops, wide hoops, even square hoops and snap hoops! No matter which styles or designs you like, you will find what you are looking for at Avalon Deluxe in the online shop and you will get the best price.


In addition to personal taste, the shape of the face also plays a role in the choice. Large earrings and ear hooks emphasize the facial features, small ear studs take a back seat and focus on the face. Ear plugs fit almost every face shape.

Jewelry ear studs with gemstones/jewelry stones (e.g. B Diamonds) in the eye color emphasize this very advantageously and let the eyes shine. In general, very long earrings also make the face look longer, while small earrings make the face look wider. It is often advisable to choose shapes that do not exactly match the shape of the face, as this appears more harmonious. Medium-length stud earrings and hoops/hoop earrings look good on most women, i.e. a medium length of approx. have 2.5 to 3 cm.

Match your sparkling earrings to the occasion. In the office, not too long and eye-catching earrings are recommended, in the evening it can also be a little more eye-catching.

The hairstyle also plays a role, with long hair earrings are less noticeable and can be larger and more conspicuous than with a short hairstyle.


Silver earrings or gold earrings? What is your favorite ear jewellery? The precious metal used can have a significant impact on the effect of the earrings, depending on how big the earrings are and how much of the precious metal alloy is visible. Earrings in rose gold also harmonize with many skin types and are available in the Avalon Deluxe shop. Take a look around Avalon Deluxe and let yourself be won over by the unbeatable prices


There are classically elegant, luxurious, extravagant, modern, urban, romantic and nostalgic as well as playful jewelry designs and motif designs. Animal motifs such as butterflies, spiders, birds, insects, dogs, cats, dolphins and fish are particularly popular, as are other natural motifs such as leaves, flowers and little flowers, branches with blossoms or leaves, tulips, roses, feathers, wings and stars. Fantasy figures such as dragons, goblins, fairies, witches and magicians are also not uncommon as jewelry with motifs. Different decorative elements create the perfect look

Today, in addition to the well-known earrings and ear studs, other forms such as ear cuffs (also spelled ear cuffs) (ear cuffs (ear cuffs) are ear cuffs that are clamped to the auricle and decorate the entire ear, Ear cuffs (ear cuffs) do not require ear holes or piercings) and ear jackets (another hanging part is attached from behind, which is then visible from the front and encloses the ear. ) An advantage of ear cuffs (earscffs) and ear jackets is that there are several ways to wear them. The ear studs can be worn individually for a classic look, or in combination with the other jewelry element for an extravagant look. Ear Jackets and Ear Cuffs (Earcuffs) Earrings come in all sizes and shapes.

If you don't want to have your ear pierced, you can use ear clips that clip onto the earlobe. There are no limits to the jewelry designs and different styles and designs, even with ear clips!


Gemstone earrings look elegant and classy on both men and women. Pearl earrings and garnet earrings in particular are very popular. But all other stones, such as diamonds, are also ideal for earrings. From A for amethyst to B for amber and T for tanzanite to Z for zultanite jewelry, there are every color gemstone you could wish for. Pearl earrings (e.g. in elegant yellow gold) are timeless classics that go with every outfit. No red carpet in this world can do without earrings. Add the matching sparkling necklace and her outfit is complete! Stars and starlets, celebrities and models wear the most beautiful specimens.

There are different earring closures. Ear studs are closed with a wing nut or wing screw. An equally safe variant of hanging earrings is the leverback clasp. The hook is closed with a folding hook. Which variant is the right one is a question of style and personal taste and occasion. At Avalon Deluxe, your online jeweller, you will find a large selection of different types of earrings. Drop earrings with ear hooks are also very popular. With an "ear hook" they are simply hung through the ear hole. They can be securely fastened to the ear with a rubber stopper that you attach to the earhook. At Avalon Deluxe you get the stoppers for your ear hook earrings for free.


Even in ancient times, pieces of jewelery in a wide variety of models, such as magical earrings, were known and worn with pleasure. Old paintings and records from the ancient Greeks, Romans, Aztecs, Egyptians and many other high cultures show men and women wearing different types of earrings. For a long time they were considered a symbol of prosperity. Over time, earrings conquered all social classes. Regardless of the material, whether silver earrings or gold earrings, diamond earrings or other gemstone earrings. There is also enchanting jewelery for the costume to this day, even if folk costumes played a more important role in earlier times.

Do you usually only buy fashion jewelery with zirconia because you think that gemstone jewelery is priceless? Then browse the Juwelo web shop and let yourself be surprised by the cheap and unbeatable prices. Because real gemstone jewelery does not have to be more expensive than fashion jewelery with zirconia! Find beautiful earrings and combine them with other magical pieces of jewelry such as rings, necklaces or bracelets to complete your look. Shop your favorites now at Avalon Deluxe.

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