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Women's rings by Avalon Deluxe.

by Emanuel Baumann 01 Jan 2023


A lady's hand without a ring is missing something! And that doesn't mean the engagement ring or a wedding ring. A ring or several rings - after all, you have 10 fingers - are simply an accessory for an outfit that should never be missing. Friends give each other friendship rings, and partner rings are always a beautiful, symbolic and emotional gift, but every woman can also simply feel good with a gold ring or silver ring based on fashion aspects and trends. A real gemstone that adorns the ring head or the ring shoulders of a lady's ring is the icing on the cake of every piece of jewellery. You will definitely find something for every finger on your hand at your online jeweler Avalon Deluxe!

A varied selection of rings offers a successful addition to any wardrobe. Wear an unusual women's ring with a magnificent gemstone such as tanzanite with simple clothing and you will draw everyone's attention! You can also use highlights in a targeted manner: Luxurious women's rings with precious and rare gemstones such as zultanite enhance any evening wear and skilfully stage your robe. Rings with a simple design, on the other hand, are more for everyday use - but colorful gemstones can provide just the right accent. Colored gemstones on a woman's hand are always an eye-catcher.

2. Silver OR Gold?

You have several options when choosing the precious metal: silver is coveted and timeless. Gold rings come in a wide variety of designs - white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, rose gold - and form an elegant setting for precious gemstones. Gilded silver is also an inexpensive alternative to gold. Platinum is the most valuable precious metal, which is traditionally processed less frequently, but is becoming more and more fashionable and trendy. Look for an alloy of the precious metal that you like and looks particularly good on the one hand and that goes well with your clothing and style on the other.


The design is also of great importance: simple, playful or luxurious. Urban, modern, geometric. Elegant, opulent, classic. Jewelry styles are as diverse as the gemstones themselves. The women's jewelry sector is just like the women's fashion category a very broad field. The imagination knows no limits. And at Avalon Deluxe, your online supplier for genuine gemstone jewelry, you will find a large selection of beautiful women's rings with unique gemstones. Take a look for yourself and let yourself be enchanted!


Even after marriage, engagement rings and wedding rings are often worn together. The engagement ring has such great emotional significance and is far too precious to stay in the jewelry box after the wedding. If it is a band ring, the lady can also wear the ring together with the wedding ring. It is particularly effective when the engagement ring is a diamond ring that is narrower than the wedding ring. If it is a solitaire ring, it can also be worn with a wedding ring. Accessory rings are always an eye-catcher when it comes to women's jewelry!


A silver ring for women is always a very beautiful and personal gift and is available from Avalon Deluxe in all shapes, colors and styles at particularly reasonable prices. A bouquet of flowers or chocolates can be a lot more expensive, but neither lasts as long as a durable piece of jewellery. A memory that will live on!


When choosing a matching women's ring with gemstones, it is best to let your individual color preferences guide you: prefer the cool, icy winter tones - then stick to gemstones such as the precious Paraíba -Tourmaline, the popular diamond or sparkling aquamarine. Autumnal colors, on the other hand, can be found, for example, in the mysterious smoky quartz, the rare cinnamon zircon or the magical sunstone. Are you the summer type? Then you probably like our gemstones like the lively mandarin citrine or the feminine kunzite. The grass-green peridot or the dreamy sky-blue topaz show spring-like colors. Lovers of varied gemstones will prefer the most diverse opals with play of colors or the unique moonlight topaz.


Diamond rings are an absolute classic for women and men. It doesn't matter whether the diamond is set in gold or silver. Diamonds can have different qualities. Of course, the clarity and color of a diamond often play a role, but the famous four C's (cut, clarity, color, carat weight) are not quite as decisive for the outstanding wearing comfort. A diamond ring is and remains a diamond ring - for eternity.

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