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The perfect chain length

by Emanuel Baumann 01 Jan 2023

The perfect chain length - a guide

A beautiful necklace can wonderfully complement an outfit and set the scene. When shopping, you often have a large selection of necklaces, but not every necklace suits every style. Just like with clothing, it is important to find the optimal style for necklaces. The right length is particularly important, because a tight-fitting necklace has a different effect than a long link chain with a pendant, which emphasizes the décolleté. But how do you determine the ideal chain length? Which size fits best? These and other interesting questions are examined in this article.

In order to find the right length, it is helpful to know which sizes are available. Chains are basically divided into four standard sizes. Each length produces a different effect, so specific styling rules will help when shopping for the perfect necklace. This makes the purchase decision much easier. The four chain lengths that skilfully stage every look are described below.

You can use our sketch to estimate which chain length is right for you. Chains with a length of up to 50 cm automatically conjure up a beautiful décolleté and come into their own with a casual ponytail or an elegant updo. Is the chain a little longer and measures approx. 60-70 cm, it is an absolute all-rounder and as such versatile. Make sure that the chain does not rest on the neckline of your T-shirt, otherwise it could be covered by the textile when you move it. The perfect accessory for simple outfits are necklaces with a length of approx. 90 cm. They can shine on a monochrome T-shirt or sweater and become a real eye-catcher.

Short necklaces (35 - 40 cm)

If you choose this length, the chain is usually tight. Tight-fitting chains are often referred to as chokers. Especially with the short chains, the right length is crucial so that they are comfortable to wear. Short necklaces particularly emphasize the neck and are therefore best used with updos and short haircuts.

Medium length necklaces (40 - 50 cm)

The décolleté is perfectly accentuated with medium-length chains. Now it's a matter of the right neckline: The clothing should never cover the jewelry. The chain is used to playfully play around the neckline. The jewelry extends to just below the collarbone. The chain length is often also referred to as a princess chain. The possible combinations are particularly diverse. Whether with a low neckline or a high-necked look - these necklaces always fit.

Long necklaces (50 - 65 cm)

The long chains protrude over the collarbone area and are therefore a little lower on the décolleté. A long necklace shines as a versatile outfit miracle that goes well with a deep glamor neckline as well as a discreetly casual style over a high-necked top. In addition, the neck is optically stretched and thus appears more elegant. Chains with a length of 50 - 65 centimeters are perfect for pendants who like to be a little larger so that they don't disappear in the top.

Very long necklaces (65 cm and more)

With a jewelry length in XXL format, the chain extends far beyond the chest. That makes an eye-catching statement. Accordingly, the long chains are a perfect choice if you want to emphasize your styling. Long chains from 65 centimeters are perfect for the layered look. Pearl necklaces or necklaces made of silver or gold with pendants set with gemstones are particularly suitable for the meaningful double look. Very long chains stretch the upper body so that they can also flatter the figure.

How to measure chain length

How do you determine which length is ideal? Determining the collar size is the first step. To measure, place a measuring tape loosely around your neck and this number gives the collar size. This is a good guide to calculate the perfect chain length. Now add about 5 centimeters to the neck circumference. This value represents the minimum length of a chain. An example: If the collar size is 39 centimeters and you add 5 centimeters to it, the chain should be at least medium-length. Any pendants that may be present also make the necklace look longer.

There is another powerful tip for testing chain length - especially when shopping online. If you have discovered a beautiful chain, then measuring the chain length with a simple string is done quickly. Now you can put the cord around your neck and get a good impression of whether the length of the necklace you want is right for you. If the wish chain is adorned with a pendant, a similarly large and heavy object can serve as a wonderful dummy. It is therefore very simple to find the right length. The best method, however, remains to try on the original chain.

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