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Men's rings by Avalon Deluxe

by Emanuel Baumann 01 Jan 2023


Rings are not only for women, men have also been wearing rings for thousands of years. What is now a fashion accessory was long considered a status and power symbol. Kings wore it as an insignia of power, the pope and other spiritual dignitaries wore amethyst rings to this day. Men often wrestle with themselves whether they should wear jewelry at all or not, but there is no question about it! Men's jewelry is available today in all variants, whether as a necklace, bracelet, earring, cufflinks, tie pins or even as a ring. Why should only women enhance their outfit with jewellery, men can do the same! At Avalon Deluxe, your online shop for jewelry, you will find a large selection of men's jewelry and men's rings.


Signet rings were of course particularly common in the past, when letters actually still had to be sealed. But this tradition has continued to this day and signet rings are still worn today in a wide variety of adaptations - yes, even more, they are very trendy! A silver ring for men is just as trendy as a gold ring. Dark gemstones such as onyx, hawk's eye, tiger's eye, smoky quartz, black spinel, green tourmaline or black diamond are often seen in men's accessories, but colored gemstones such as tanzanite, sphalerite or aquamarine are also popular. White diamonds, cognac diamonds or champagne diamonds also adorn the rings for the fashion-conscious gentleman. Many designers create rings with a special touch especially for men. Even if there is an unbelievable variety of ring designs for women, men will also find the right ring in the Avalon Deluxe web shop - whether traditional, simple or ostentatious!


Men's rings from Avalon Deluxe are high-quality rings with selected, precious gemstones and individual designs. The standard ring size is 20 mm, measured as the inner diameter of the ring. But there are also larger and smaller ring sizes. Just choose your suitable size.

Many rings that are explicitly labeled as "men's rings" are actually also designed for women: Avalon Deluxe also offers rings in unisex designs that can be worn by both women and men. There are no restrictions regarding the type of gemstone, the precious metals or the design. At Avalon Deluxe you will find rings in size 20 in all shapes, colours, price categories and with all the gemstones from our very extensive range. Just window shop at Avalon Deluxe in the web shop.

Take a look at the variety of our range and use our practical search assistants to help you make your decision when making your purchase: you can use them to select from categories and brands and look at the entire range of our web shop by gemstone, type of metal, cut , colors, price categories and much more. This is how you can quickly and easily find your favorite ring from Avalon Deluxe - because only we have such a diverse range of gemstones.

In our online shop you will find high-quality gemstone jewelery for men at fair prices. Rely on our experience and our expertise! Your new, individual and precious companion - a first-class men's ring. Avalon Deluxe gemstone jewelry will captivate you and delight you every day.

In addition to countless men's rings, you will also find many other accessories with valuable gemstones: whether pendants, necklaces and necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches or other popular pieces of jewelry, we have put together a diverse range for you, from which you can choose in our web shop. Avalon Deluxe wishes you a lot of fun in your search for your personal heartthrob!


The wedding ring is probably the most commonly worn piece of jewelry for men. Here a trend is moving away from the classic band ring, men are also becoming bolder and are not looking for a conventional wedding ring, but one that is individually tailored to their personal style.

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