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combine jewelry

by Emanuel Baumann 01 Jan 2023

Combine jewelry

Jewellery and watches are essential accessories for the perfect outfit. Necklace, earrings, bracelet or bangle are simply part of it. But with the large selection of shape, color and material, the question often arises as to which combination results in a coherent overall picture and fits your own style. Here is advice.

Individual preferences

In the realm of fashion, there are dress codes and dress codes. Does this also apply to jewellery? Are there any recommendations as to which jewelry goes with certain items of clothing or when precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum should be worn?
Fortunately, the world of jewelry is even freer than in the fashion world. What men and women like is worn. Like the choice of clothes, jewelery has something to do with personal preferences and individual taste.
Just like clothing or high-quality accessories such as headgear or glasses, jewelry can boost self-confidence. It doesn't matter whether it's a gold chain with diamonds or costume jewelery chains. The conviction and the feeling associated with wearing the jewelry is the decisive factor.

Combine different materials

Although whatever pleases is allowed, there are some rules of thumb. Plastic and natural products should not be combined with each other, this no-go works neither visually nor haptically. Natural raw materials such as gold, silver, precious stones, pearls and leather have a different effect and a completely different weight than plastics.

It is up to you whether you want to combine gold and silver jewelry. Many people choose a precious metal in different versions. If you want to demonstrate your versatility, you can of course combine them and let your creativity run free. Two-tone jewelery combines several metals. Copper and bronze are often processed with other metals to create alloys. A play of colors consisting of more than two tones is possible with precious metals alone, theoretically with white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

Festive or suitable for everyday use?

Interestingly, many jewelry boxes are divided into everyday items and special occasion items. Here it is the noble (and often expensive) pieces of jewelry that are put on when visiting the opera or a festival. See and be seen, that's the motto. You can also apply thicker here.
In everyday life, most people prefer a subtle touch. Individual heirlooms or simple chains are worn, which the person concerned associates with certain experiences or people. There is also the option of matching the jewelry to the clothing. A sleek sweater gets more vibrancy when paired with a long pendant necklace that hits mid-waist. A stone or a large motif are suitable as eye-catchers. Clothing such as blouses or blazers require more subtle jewelry. A short, delicate necklace without a pendant or ear studs without hanging elements supports the outfit without drawing too much attention to itself.

The choice between eye-catching chains and statement jewelery or subtle basics and filigree rings is also determined by your own style. If you live a reserved life, you will tend to use subtle jewelry variants. People who like to be in the limelight are more likely to wear eye-catching jewelry. These can be large hoop earrings or long chains with large pendants.
Here too, everyone should feel comfortable with their jewelry. When looking at the jewelry alone, however, the overall recommendation is: Clarity, please! Discreet pieces of jewelry should not be worn at the same time as opulent jewelry - the more reserved accessories would disappear optically anyway and are therefore better left out completely. The situation is different when it comes to the outfit as a whole. Because then the following applies: The more conspicuous the jewelry, the more discreet the clothing style should be - and vice versa: If the dress, blouse or hat steals the show from the other elements, these should better support the overall picture instead of competing for the greatest attention.

Less is more

It doesn't take a lot of jewelry to attract attention. Here, too, less is often more. A sparkling stone on a necklace is sure to garner more compliments than an over-the-top complete set not knowing where to look first. If you want to decorate yourself appropriately for certain occasions, you should ask yourself what should be noticed first - the jewelry or the person wearing it. On the other hand, if you wear chains or rings because they have a personal meaning, you will rarely change your jewelry. The question of the combination takes a back seat because the pieces of jewelery do not represent any fashion intentions.

Jewelry as a way of life

Wearing beautiful jewelery is increasingly synonymous with an attitude towards life and the expression of values. More and more people are focusing on sustainability and environmental protection, which is also evident when buying jewelry. So it's quite possible that in the future the focus will be on combining jewelery made from completely new materials made from recycled or renewable raw materials. New looks that the industry is eagerly awaiting!
In any case, jewelery will always accompany fashion-conscious people, occupy them and emphasize their individual style.

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