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Jewelry Dictionary Avalon Deluxe: Letters: T-Z

by Emanuel Baumann 01 Jan 2023

beryllium aluminum oxide; very rare; named after Count Taaffe, who found the first specimen in Ireland; Locations: Sri Lanka, China

brass alloy made of about 90% copper and 10% zinc; gold-like appearance, made into cheap jewelry

See Zoisite

Diving wristwatch
Watch specially developed for diving with waterproof case, rotatable and labeled bezel for setting and checking the diving time (for safety reasons, only turn it anti-clockwise) and an easy-to-read, high-contrast dial, e.g. T also equipped with depth gauge. The minute and hour hands must be clearly different and therefore unmistakable.

silicon dioxide; translucent dark green to brown with an uneven surface; without crystalline inclusions but sometimes with entrapped vesicles; Locations: Germany, Thailand

See Zoisite

tiger eye
silicon dioxide; in different colors due to the type of storage; tiger's eye is usually black with yellow-gold iron oxide streaks, hawk's eyes are blue-gray or blue-green in tint; the quartz cat's eye, unlike the tiger's and hawk's eye, has a certain transparency; Cat's eye quartz (not to be confused with cat's eye!) can be found in Sri Lanka, India and Brazil, tiger and hawk's eye in South Africa, Australia, USA

Very light, hard, non-magnetic metal alloy; gets its gray color from an oxidation layer; originally used in aircraft and rocket construction; also used in the jewelery industry and for wristwatch cases; twice as hard as steel at half the weight.

titanite (sphene)
calcium titanium silicate; known for its brilliant fire and intense colors; occurs predominantly in yellow-brown-green tones; is very soft and is therefore rarely cut for jewelry purposes; Locations: Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Madagascar, Mexico, Brazil

permissible deviation and a in the case of a measurement - specified in microns in watchmaking - or in the rate accuracy test

Methylbenzene solution for cleaning watch parts

aluminum fluorohydroxysilicate; occurs in a wide variety of colors; Pink topaz is the most expensive type, but blue and green stones are also highly sought after; colorless stones acquire a blue tint from irradiation and firing; Main localities: Brazil, USA, Sri Lanka, Burma, Mexico, Australia, Tasmania, Pakistan, Japan; pink topaz is found only in Brazil, Pakistan, and Russia

See Andradite

Also translucent, obsolete for translucent, transparent; in watchmaking designation for a very thin, translucent layer of enamel

Transvaal jade
See Grossular, greener

Triangle chain
Fine chain shape with narrow links in a triangle shape (triangle shape); rather loose mesh structure

mainspring of wristwatches and pocket watches

Fine grinding in the shape of a drop with 1 table surface and a different number of fine surfaces

See Grossular, greener

copper aluminum phosphate; of intense blue-green colour; sky-blue turquoise from Turkey is considered particularly valuable, in Tibet a green variant is preferred; its name derives from the word Turkish, as Turkey was once the most important exporting country for turquoise; Other localities: Chile, Australia, England

sodium aluminum beryllium silicate; first discovered in Greenland in 1960 and named after its location Tugtupit; the color palette ranges from pale pink to orange; Another locality: Russia

tourmaline, yellow and green
borosilicate; yellow-green is the most common of all tourmaline types; emerald stones are among the most valuable; Locations: Brazil, Tanzania, Namibia


watch glass
cover glass; round or square, domed disc in natural or synthetic glass to protect the dial

Totality of all elements with which a clock is operated; How it works: The drive energy from the spring or weight is transferred via a gear train to the escapement and an oscillation system, which transfers the uniform movement transmitted back via the gear train to the hand train

balance wheel
A ring that functions as a flywheel, which is connected to a spiral spring that winds concentrically up and down; classic regulator for watches

balance staff
staff on which the balance is fixed; Serves at the same time to fasten the inner end of the spiral spring and is only 1/10 mm thick at the ends or less.

imbalance within a movement

uvarovite (garnet)
calcium chromium silicate; shows a bright green, which is due to its chromium content; the finest crystals are found in Russia; Other localities: Finland, Türkiye, Italy


Venetian chain
Chain shape with small, angular links that interlock alternately lengthwise and crosswise; very tight mesh

Chrome plating
Electrolytically plating a metal object with a layer of chromium that offers protection against rust and signs of wear and tear and is usually very shiny / is specular.

covering a (metal) object with a thin layer of gold, for embellishment and as protection against corrosion; gold plating by electrolysis is under 10 microns thick - used for clockwork parts; Gold coatings of more than 10 microns (1 micron = 1/1000 millimeter) are called plaque; on the double, the gilding is usually 20 microns thick; Goldfilled refers to gold plating on both sides

Silver plating
covering a metal object with a thin layer of silver in the electrolysis process

calcium aluminum silicate; its name comes from its first location, Mount Vesuvius; known in different colors: green from California (Californite), blue from Norway (Cyprin), yellow-green from New York (Xanthite); Other localities: Austria, Canada, Italy, Switzerland

See Diopside


watermelon tourmaline
borosilicate; tourmaline with pink core and green rim or green core and pink rim; reminiscent of the color of the watermelon - hence the name; Locations: South Africa, East Africa, Brazil

Water sapphire
See corderite; Double name to increase the value - has nothing of a sapphire.

Soft iron
Almost pure iron with less than 0.05% carbon content; Due to its high magnetic permeability, it is used for protective housings and caps of watch movements to protect them from magnetism

white gold
see gold; Alloy as an alternative to platinum. Formerly often alloyed with nickel (see nickel). Currently, depending on the supplier, but without nickel, so the visual impression has shifted towards gray. Alternative is jewelry made of palladium.

Term for the cylindrical axis on which a wheel rotates.

Universal Time
Universal Standard Time = Greenwich Mean Solar Time, measured from midnight to midnight; see also GMT

world time clock
wristwatch with subdials showing multiple time zones; the respective time zone is often symbolized by the largest city within this zone

See Scapolite

See Serpentine

Artificial unit of time covering a period of seven days; the seven days of the week were named after the celestial bodies or planets. Deities


See Vesuvian


Display element rotating on a dial for analogue time display/date etc.

Time normal
Constant duration of astronomical processes, after which the calendar was created and the time units were divided

horn-like, transparent plastic; formed by dissolving camphor and nitrocellulose; easily deformed under the influence of heat, unbreakable when cold; Material of the first unbreakable watch glasses; combustible

Central seconds
Seconds display on the dial with a central hand that is usually longer than the hour and minute hands

Display element, round or square disc with digits and pointers (analogue clock) or digital windows (digital clock)

cinnamon stone
See hessonite

Bluish-white, shiny, soft metal; is mainly used for alloys

Zinc spar
See smithsonite

Silver-colored, soft, corrosion-resistant, very ductile metal; we you. a used as a coating for other metals

zirconium silicate; often used as a substitute for diamonds; colorless in its pure state, but can be found in a wide variety of color nuances due to inclusions; zircon differs from diamond in its birefringence and lower hardness; gem-quality crystals worth cutting can be found in Sri Lanka; Other localities: Thailand, Australia, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania, France

see zircon; synthetically manufactured stone modeled on diamonds. It surpasses diamonds in its ability to refract light. In all other points he is far inferior to him.

calcium aluminum hydroxyl silicate; occurs in different colors; the most coveted is the sapphire blue tanzanite; Thulite is a pink species that is often used in decorative objects; in addition one finds green zoisite, sometimes with ruby ​​inclusions; Tanzanite was first discovered in Tanzania; yellow and green zoisite are found in Tanzania and Kenya, thulite in Norway, Austria, Western Australia, Italy and North Carolina

Cable chain, fake
See fake cable chain

Cable chain
Compact chain shape with small links twisted into a braid

Traction and drive spring
See spring

Twin anchor chain
Rough-link chain shape with oval double links that alternately interlock lengthwise and crosswise; open stitch pattern

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