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Avalon was inspired by jewelry craftsmanship that has existed for thousands of years in the depths of Asia and Egypt.The origins of Asian crafts can be traced back to the earliest civilizations. Ancient kingdoms such as China, India, Egypt and Japan developed unique jewelry craft traditions that were passed down from generation to generation.

In the midst of this fascinating tradition, diamond jewelry was and is an elementary part of Asian jewelry art.

In the ancient kingdoms of the East, diamonds were revered as symbols of power, wealth and beauty. They were precious gems that enchanted the eyes of beholders and reflected the status and royal splendor of the rulers.

The artistic jewelers and blacksmiths of Asia mastered the techniques of gemstone cutting and setting to perfection. They transformed natural diamonds into true masterpieces of design that captured the essence of Asian culture and aesthetics.

The magnificent diamond necklaces of the Mughal emperors in India, artfully crafted with delicate details and glowing gemstones, told stories of royal love and romance. These treasures were passed down from generation to generation and were a testament to the opulence and legacy of a glorious past.

In China, too, diamond jewelry was closely linked to its rich history and cultural heritage. The artful combination of diamonds with jade, a type of stone considered sacred, reflected the deep connection between heaven and earth. This jewelry embodied the harmonious balance of Yin and Yang while representing the beauty and elegance of Chinese culture.

Over the centuries, jewelry techniques have evolved and new design trends have emerged. Nevertheless, diamond jewelry remains a timeless classic in Asian culture. It is not only an expression of status and prestige, but also a symbol of love, happiness and eternal beauty.


Li Mei began her journey by delving deeply into centuries-old Asian craftsmanship. She learned from the masters of the jewelry craft and gained a deep understanding of the fine details and unique techniques that characterized this art form. But Li Mei didn't want to simply repeat traditions - she wanted to bring innovation and modernity to her creations, since  however, she discovered that the luxury and exclusivity that came with these pieces made them unaffordable for many people.


Determined to bring this craft to the world, Alexander Hartman founded Avalon. He firmly believed that luxury should not be just for a select few, but can be within the reach of anyone who appreciates beauty and artistry.

With this goal in mind, she began to research and integrate innovative manufacturing processes. She combined traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create unique jewelry pieces that combined the splendor of the past with the innovation of the present.

Li Mei was particularly fascinated by diamonds and recognized the potential to democratize these gemstones and make them accessible to a wider audience. She used innovative manufacturing techniques to transform diamonds into high-quality, affordable pieces. Through her work, she managed to showcase the brilliance and beauty of diamonds in a new, accessible way.

The Avalon Deluxe brand was born - a marriage between millennia-old Asian craftsmanship and modern manufacturing processes, allowing premium design and quality to be offered to everyone at affordable prices. Avalon Deluxe strives to delight people around the world with jewelry that is both timeless and modern, reflecting the unique stories and traditions of Asia.

after one of our founders proposed to the love of his life. Knowing that moissanite was an option, he set out to find a dream ring, but was disappointed by the lack of moissanite options, quality and affordability at the time. So he began his own journey and designed his own moissanite engagement ring for his forever. His commitment to finding a unique, high-quality moissanite ring was our inspiration for creating unique, sustainable and accessible rings for everyone. Our goal is to offer modern, environmentally conscious couples inclusive luxury experiences without luxury markups. With a shared passion to protect our environment,

Li Mei and her team at Avalon Deluxe use their passion, creativity and expertise to create stunning pieces that combine the best of the past and present. Its founding story is characterized by the vision of thinking about jewelry in a new way and making the beauty and elegance of diamonds tangible for everyone.

However, establishing her brand was not an easy journey. Anna faced challenges, had to find financial resources, find distribution channels and develop her branding. But she didn't let herself be discouraged. Her unwavering belief in the power of jewelry art and her connection to historic Asian jewelry craftsmanship drove her to overcome obstacles and achieve her dream.


The Avalon brand invites people to embark on a timeless journey where tradition and innovation merge in perfect harmony. Every piece of Avalon jewelry speaks of the attention to detail, the craftsmanship of past generations and the creative vision of the present. It is an invitation to experience the world of luxury jewelry in a whole new way - with Avalon as your loyal companion.