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Ordering and shipping


1. What shipping options are there?
Within Germany and the EU as well as worldwide, we deliver with free standard shipping. However, express shipping options are also available for an additional charge.
2. How quickly will my order be shipped?
We want you to receive your order as quickly as possible. Once you place your order successfully, our warehouse will process your order within 1 business days. It is then picked, packed and shipped.
3.How long does shipping take?
Most of our warehouses are in Germany or in the EU, but for logistical reasons it is not always avoidable to use storage locations outside the EU. The delivery time depends on this in individual cases. With standard shipping worldwide, which is always free for you, this should not exceed 7 working days. Within the EU, shipping takes 3 working days. At checkout you will always receive a forecast of when delivery can be expected.
4. How much are the shipping costs and which countries do we ship to?
We deliver worldwide free of charge with no minimum order value with standard shipping. However, express shipping is available at an additional cost.
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Order process

1. I didn't receive an order confirmation.

After you have ordered from our online shop, you will receive your order confirmation by email. If you have not received this within an hour, this could be due to the following reasons:

  • Was the wrong email address or a different email address entered?
  • Did the email end up in the SPAM folder of your email account?
  • The order was not completed successfully. Please check in your user account under “My Orders” whether the order has been booked into our system. If this is not the case, place the order again.

If none of the cases described apply, please wait a day. You will usually receive another notification about your order within this period. If this is not the case, please contact our customer service.

2. Can I change my order afterwards?
To guarantee fast delivery times, your order will be processed and shipped within the shortest possible time. For this reason, no subsequent changes can be made once your order has been successfully received.
3.Where is my order now?
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Order status

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