Sustainability Statement Avalon Version 2

For years, responsible thinking has been a matter of course at AVALON DELUXE in all areas of the company, including management. This is value-oriented and strictly adheres to globally applicable ethical standards along the entire supply chain. Out of respect for people and the environment, we are constantly working to continuously optimize all of our operating processes.
Recycled precious metals

We at AVALON DELUXE ensure that you can wear our jewelry with a clear conscience: We source all precious metals such as our iconic 925 sterling silver responsibly and therefore stand for ethically flawless jewelry designs.

In addition, all precious metals not used in production as well as all irreparable pieces of jewelry are collected and recycled. Through the processing, new fine silver or fine gold is recovered in the highest purity, which can be used for the production of new designs made of 925 sterling silver and also for gold plating. Thanks to this process, we reduce CO2 emissions, water consumption and other ecological impacts of production to a minimum.