361 jewelry Blog ideas which can also beu used in IG Stories, IG Reels, IG Beitrag, Tiktok, Pinterest

  • Wonder Jewelry
  • Go for Diamond
  • Pretty Gemstones
  • Turquoise Addiction
  • Lost Necklace
  • Classy Jewels
  • Dainty Bling Designs
  • Simply Silver Jewelry
  • The Bow Ring Girl
  • The Precious Jewel
  • Lashes and Pearls
  • Bright Butterflies
  • Clashing Colors
  • Icy Necklace
  • iBling
  • Shiny Jewellery
  • The Pearl Pendant
  • Pink Diamond
  • The Gold Boutique
  • Gemstones and Blings
  • Vintage and Antiques
  • Think Bling
  • In Love With Sapphire
  • Beauty and the bling
  • Sapphire on the glass
  • Sapphire Inspiration
  • Coral Sapphire
  • Miss Brilliant
  • Fancy Gemstones
  • The Daily Diamond
  • Addicted to Jewelry
  • Jewellery highlights
  • Gemosiamo
  • Fine Gems
  • Jewellery Box for every life style
  • Colored Diamonds
  • Bejeweled
  • Serendipity Jewellery
  • Bluebird Jewelry
  • Sparkle and Shine
  • Piece of Crystal
  • Pretty in Pearl Chokers


Boost your chances of success by choosing a jewelry blog name handpicked by the branding experts at Soocial



Silveda is a great brand name for a jewelry blog as it embodies confidence, beauty, and elegance.

It is easy to remember, is pronounced as it is spelled, and is available to purchase at a reasonable price.

Anyone who comes across the name “Silveda” will immediately know that it represents the world of jewelry.

Buy silveda.com for your blog now before someone else does!





Oprism is a brilliant brand name for a jewelry blog.

It serves a dual purpose; one, it stands out. It adds a meaningful conversation starter to which people will invariably ask, “what does it mean?” when they see it.

Two it sums up the feeling of exploring the prism of life through color and gemstones. Plus, it has a subtle play on words as Op (for Opal), Rism (refraction).

So not only does “Oprism” have meaning but it’s a crystal-clear play on words that makes people stop and take notice.

Buy oprism.com as your jewelry blog name.




Ringmastr is a great brand name for a jewelry blog.

The name commands attention and perpetuates an expectation of insight into the jewelry world. Your readers will immediately know that your blog is about jewelry and that you are a master at it.

The brand name brings associations of luxury and gracefulness, power and astuteness, boldness and sophistication, all at once.

The word “ring” becomes an adornment that symbolizes marriage, love, and commitment, while “mastr” means master or maker. So combining the two words creates one of those names that are really entertaining and catchy.

Buy ringmastr.com for your blog now before someone else does!

Why you need a premium domain for your jewelry blog?

If you want to start a successful jewelry blog, you should consider investing in a premium domain name. That is the advice given by many branding experts, including Soocial. And fortunately for all of you, we are offering premium domain names at reasonable rates.

A premium domain name is the most important opportunity you have to start your blog off on the right foot. It’s not just an investment, it’s a GREAT investment that will pay off huge dividends so long as you manage it well and pair it with quality content.

A premium domain name will give you a better search engine ranking, more followers, and can even help you get featured in publications.

Short Jewelry Blog Names

Have you been searching for jewelry blog names and just can’t find any that are short enough? It can be challenging to find a short blog name for your jewelry business, let alone one that’s available to register.

The list below showcases short jewelry blog names (less than 10 letters) that you can choose from today:

  • Eclipsis
  • Syrma
  • Leets
  • Bag Lady
  • Excal
  • Jam Ones
  • Receta
  • Revida
  • Titane
  • Get Gold
  • Gold Soft
  • My Swiss
  • Ref Link
  • Web Gold
  • Merrily
  • Fosfor
  • Bails
  • Forsta
  • Touse
  • Purem
  • Orora
  • Bead Shop
  • Perola
  • Gold Run
  • Sea Gold
  • Citrin
  • Gem It
  • Gold Play
  • My Bliss
  • Blue Onyx
  • Charmz
  • Gold Rock
  • Web Wings
  • Easy Gold
  • Red Ring
  • Top Gold
  • Ancien
  • Bio Gem
  • Ice Star
  • Rosaries
  • Goldhaus
  • My Jewels
  • Gem Art
  • Gem Trade
  • Pyrite
  • Novico
  • Gold Park
  • Gold Hub
  • Heal You
  • Heliodor
  • Gemnet
  • Old Gold
  • Aqua Gold
  • Eco Pave
  • GemPlus
  • Mokume
  • Glaswerk
  • Gold Host
  • Mary Gold


Cute Jewelry Blog Names

Are you looking for cute jewelry blog names? Maybe you already have a jewelry name in mind but want a cuter one. This list features cute naming ideas for your own jewelry blog:

  • Glass Beads
  • Fashion Square
  • Power Balance
  • Stone Power
  • Stone Project
  • Charm Ante
  • City Explorer
  • Crystal Web
  • Fashionista Jewels
  • Diamond Trade
  • Gold Fashion
  • Silver Time
  • Natural Style
  • Jewellery Store
  • Yellow Diamond
  • Charm Line
  • Pearl Design
  • Gold Party
  • Diamond Heart
  • Gold Green
  • Custom Services
  • Scuba Libre
  • Bio Photon
  • Prime Stone
  • Care Clean
  • Custom Soft
  • Loose Diamonds
  • Pure Silver
  • Swiss Capital
  • Diamond Studio
  • Alliance Tech
  • Panda Hall
  • Silver World
  • Eco Driver
  • Go Diamond
  • Pearl House
  • Skagen Funds
  • The Diamonds
  • Earth Alliance
  • Beach Glass
  • Dream Creations
  • Gem Design
  • Heart Fire
  • Luxury Bag
  • Mine Stone
  • Silver Lion
  • Precious Stones
  • Gold Center
  • Piercing Studio
  • Blue Diamonds
  • Anne Klein
  • Gold Buyer
  • Silver Card
  • Glow Sticks
  • Handmade Jewels
  • Good Stone
  • Ion Balance
  • Gold Works
  • My Jewellery
  • Club Diamond
  • Love Links
  • Amber Land
  • Champion Group
  • Indian Gold
  • Ocean Planet
  • Gold Palace
  • Fine Jewellery
  • Diamond Team
  • Zen Diamond
  • Eco Warrior
  • Gold Design
  • Vintage Jewelry
  • Gold Enstore
  • Diamond Cut
  • Diamond Air
  • World Chain
  • Smart Gold
  • Diamond Water
  • Gold Rings
  • Transform Ice
  • Blue Stones
  • Blooming Beauty
  • Movement Lab
  • Stone Media
  • Solo Swiss
  • Ice Master
  • Omega Services
  • Gold Print
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Band Together
  • Green Finger
  • Clarity Media
  • Ring Sport
  • Ceramic Design
  • Silver Media
  • Silver Bank
  • Pure Jewels
  • Android Wear
  • Tech Stone
  • Super Stone
  • Enamel Pins
  • Gold Stars
  • Omega Design
  • Love Stone
  • Pearl Media
  • Silver Zone
  • Brilliant Life
  • Karat Bars
  • Cross Boccia
  • Eddy Stone


Funny Jewelry Blog Names

Tired of being boring?

Whether you want to call your blog something funny or just looking to stand out amongst the sea of other jewelry blogs, we have created funny names that can help your blog stand out from the crowd.

Funny blog names bring in more visitors because readers get a feel-good experience every time they visit the blog. Here you have a list of funny blog name suggestions for your jewelry blog:

  • Yes She Can
  • Supercute Jewelry
  • Buy My Flint
  • Goldies
  • Little Birdie Jewelry
  • Jewel Trendz
  • A Piece of Chic
  • Long Live The Jewelry
  • Shine Bright
  • Gemstones I Have Loved
  • Like A Diamond
  • Bedazzle Wisdom
  • Diamonds & Emeralds
  • Old World Charm
  • New World Luxuries
  • Be A Gorgeous Gem
  • Ring a Dint in the Universe
  • Diamond Cool
  • Picking up the Pieces
  • Jewelry Storm
  • Jewelry Bonanza
  • Your Key to Beautiful
  • The Spunky Diva
  • Let it shine
  • Happy Solstice
  • One-carat ring
  • Humorous Bling
  • Me & My Jewels


Unique Jewelry Blog Names

Finding inspiration for what to name your new jewelry blog can be tough. While you brainstorm, here are unique names for your new jewelry blog:

  • Perluxury
  • Jewelry Grip
  • Jewelry Gentlemen
  • Jewelry Cradle
  • Jewel Sheep
  • Jewelryang
  • Jewelry Random
  • Jewelry Hunch
  • Docket Jewel
  • Jewel Genome
  • Sentinel Jewelry
  • Jewel Saints
  • Vicar Jewelry
  • Jewelry Stems
  • Jewelry Hustler
  • Jewelry Beam
  • Jewelry Tomorrows
  • Unique Metal Work
  • Jewel Infusion
  • Loser Jewelry
  • Jewel Fishermen
  • Jewel Goer
  • Phase Jewel
  • Jewel Thought
  • Jewel Actually
  • Acuity Jewelry
  • Jewelry Lemur
  • Quin Jewelry
  • Campaign Jewel
  • Jewel Chemist
  • Jewelry Playoff
  • Jewelry Emperors
  • Investing Jewel
  • Jewelry Gond
  • Jewel Toes
  • Jewelry Witty
  • Jewelry Stereo
  • Silva Jewelry
  • Reader Jewelry
  • Jewel Glossy
  • Jewel Captures
  • Jewelry Dearly
  • Jewelry Walks
  • Jewel Alpha
  • Ping Jewel
  • Culture Jewel
  • Jewelryocity
  • Jewelry Tote
  • Jewel Lucent
  • Ripple Jewel
  • Electron Jewelry
  • Jewelry Seas
  • Cougar Jewelry
  • Jewelence
  • Jewel Acid
  • Jewelry Tweed
  • Jewelry Felicity
  • Leaping Jewel
  • Jewelry Mission
  • Jewelry Socket
  • Jewelry Grey
  • Chill Jewel
  • Jewelry Piranha
  • Jewel Rapids
  • Jewelry Squash
  • Jewel Disinfection
  • Studies Jewel
  • Jewel Bail
  • Jewelry Mittens
  • Jewel Agility
  • Jewel Coconuts
  • Pine Jewel
  • Jewelry Climb
  • Jewelry Gator
  • Jewel Polite
  • Jewel Enclave
  • Jewel Ecological
  • Mast Jewelry
  • Jewelry Sentry
  • Jewelry Crunchy
  • Jewelryoh
  • Jewelry Juicy
  • Jewel Itinerary
  • Jewelry Doer
  • Jewel Sensation
  • Jewel Shovel
  • Jewelry Summary
  • Jewelry Mesh
  • Jewel Santa
  • Needle Jewel
  • Jewelry Ogam
  • Jewel Entourage
  • Jewel Updates
  • Jewelryith
  • Jewelry Bulletin
  • Jewelry Secretary
  • Jewelry Minder
  • Jewel Britain
  • Fork Jewel
  • Jewelry Sheet
  • Jewel Silk
  • Jewelry Hillbilly
  • Jewel Nada
  • Jewel Launcher
  • Jewelry Brush
  • Jewel Cyborg
  • Yards Jewelry
  • Jewelry Salute
  • Jewel Clearly
  • Jewel Spiral
  • Jewelry Sprinkle
  • Jewel Brightly
  • Vanity Jewelry
  • Jewel Butte
  • Jewel Armada
  • Jewel Hamlet
  • Jewelryuscript
  • Dish Jewel
  • Jeweluous
  • Rice Jewel
  • Jewelry Troupe
  • Jewelry Strength


How To Name A Jewelry Blog?

When you’re thinking of starting your own jewelry blog, it’s frustrating to not know where to start. Our simple-to-follow tips will help you find the perfect name for your jewelry blog.

  • Pick a name that inspires confidence and reflects your personality
  • Make sure the name is easy to remember and spell
  • Invest in a premium domain name
  • Use only the .com extension (most important!)
  • Preferably own the exact-match .com domain name
  • Avoid using numbers or symbols in the name
  • Name your jewelry blog something original
  • Don’t try to do it yourself (use the names our branding experts recommend!)
  • Use keywords and make it SEO friendly
  • Look at other successful jewelry blogs for inspiration
  • Make it catchy but simple, easy to remember
  • Know your target customers
  • Avoid the term “blog”
  • Find inspiration from jewelry bloggers you admire
  • Think about how people will search for your blog
  • Don’t use personal names
  • Research social media usernames
  • Own your Pinterest handle!


Conclusion: Jewelry Blog Names Ideas and Suggestions

Thanks for reading the list of jewelry blog names. We put in hours of research and hard work to come up with this comprehensive list. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions please feel free to leave them below.

It takes a special kind of person to start a jewelry blog. It takes someone who’s willing to put blood, sweat, and tears into their passion for the sake of their craft.

The most valuable trait you need to be successful is tenacity.  When your plan isn’t working, execute the next step in your plan, then the next and the next. There’s no room for negativity or complaining. Once you’ve started down the path of starting a jewelry blog, you have to see it through all the way.

The best things in life are not always free – especially when it comes to developing a brand for your jewelry blog. So make sure you make the right decision by investing in a premium jewelry domain name for your blog.

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